Office of Student Conduct

The Academic Integrity Hearing Board

Co-Chairs: Julie Kmec and Carmen Lugo-Lugo

Members are nominated by the Faculty Senate, and approved by the President of the University.

What is the Academic Integrity Hearing Board?

The Academic Integrity Hearing Board is composed of teaching faculty who are available to review an instructor's decision that a student violated the University's academic integrity poli­cies and whether or not the outcome pro­posed by the instructor is in keeping with the instructor's published policies. When a student disagrees with an instructor's decision regarding cheating or plagiarism, he/she may request review of the decision by the Academic Integrity Hearing Board.

How long does a student have to request review by the Academic Integrity Hearing Board?

A student has 21 days from the date of his/her instructor's decision letter to request review by the academic integrity hearing board.

When are hearings held?

Hearings are usually held on the second Friday of each month. A student's hearing is scheduled during the day at a time that does not conflict with his or her class schedule.

How long does a hearing take?

Hearings usually take 30-60 minutes, depending on how much informationthere is to review.

Is there someone outside the Office of Student Conduct who can give me some advice?

The Dean of Students provides an advisor to help guide students through the conduct process.  If you need access to an advisor, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at the following:

What happens at a hearing?

Here is the general format of a hearing:

  • Introduction of student, instructor, and board members
  • Chair reviews procedure of the hearing
  • Instructor's statement, then witnesses, one at a time, if any
  • Student's statement, other information, and then witnesses, one at a time, if any
  • Board members may ask questions at any time
  • After all evidence has been provided, all parties are dismissed except the Board members
  • Board members deliberate in private
  • Notification of the decision is by mail within 10 calendar days

The Board's decision is final. There is no appeal from an Academic Integrity Board's decision.

The foregoing information is only a summary. The University's rules regarding the review of academic integrity violations are in WAC 504-26-404 Procedure for academic integrity violations.